To become a REGIMENTAL CREW MC member is not an easy task and not many will ever wear the PATCH!

The prospecting process is more than most men are willing to take. Thus eliminating the possibilities of a club invasion. Their structure is very much like the military, Prospects earn their patch the HARD way and once earned will defend it to the death. Until now, the MC element has been pretty much on its own. The reality is, however, MC clubs aren't quite like everyone else, it's best to recognize and admit that up front.MC patch holders are a society within a society, with their own rules, own codes of conduct, own ways of reacting to the world and other friendly clubs. “RESPECT” is what they expect and nothing less, and “RESPECT will be returned. If you take on one MC Patch holder or Prospect, you take them all on, but they will stress their position very clearly before resorting to violence. Loyalty towards the PATCH and the BROTHERS ALWAYS come first. MC patch holders won’t call the cops, they Take Care Of their own Business, but won’t hesitate to call the cops for Drug, or theft related issues.

When a man desires membership into the REGIMENTAL CREW MC, he must first get to know a patched member of the club well enough for that person to recommend or “sponsor” him. After the recommendation is made, the entire membership will vote on whether to consider this man. If there is one descending vote, the man is not considered. After a Prospect has served a satisfactory time of proving (this time varies, depending on the past of the Prospect, as well as how much he accomplishes for the club during his trial period), another vote is taken for his full patch. Again, this must be a 100% vote.